03 January 2007

Vero Beach, Florida

January 3, 2007

We're finally ready to leave Vero Beach and will be heading out later today. The last couple of nights the wind has died down completely and we've been swimming in little bugs called "no-see-ums." They seem to have a special affinity for Kristen's blood, and she is covered with dozens of bugbites from head to toe.

Yesterday was spent running errands, getting groceries, etc. We'll head down towards Ft. Piece today and then go to Palm Beach tomorrow where we'll hang out and wait for weather and complete some projects on the boat. Hopefully we'll be able to cross over to the Bahamas from Palm Beach in the next week or two.

Blogger is having issues today, so no pictures.


Annoying brother said...

Hey Kris,
Just mentioning the words: no see-ums will send your father into a ballistic craze! Thats his favorite annoying summertime bug.
Hope you feel better.
Hi to Hanse.
Love Pete, JJ, and Q

Libbie said...

You guys need to make screens for all your hatches, portholes, and the companionway!! This is not the LAST time you'll be targeted by no-see-ums! If you use regular mosquito-proof screen size, you can coat it with Avon's Skin So Soft to keep the no-see-ums from crawling through the holes. Someone else out there may know something even better to spray the screen with....

Glad to hear that you're "out there" having fun!!!

Anonymous said...

We always tried to anchor at least 75 meters or so from the shore, and didn't have no see-um problems when we could do that.

Currently negotiating my departure/arrangement with the firm, prior to getting away in late Feb/March. Wish me luck.

SV Liberty