20 June 2007

Who forgot their flu-shots?

June 20, 2007

Happy birthday Angela and Larry!

We have both been bed-on-boat-ridden for the past few days with a bout of the flu. It started on Friday, when Hans woke up with a high fever. Kristen took care of him for a couple of days, and just as Hans started feeling better, Kristen woke up with a fever and took to bed and roles were reveresed. It is always miserable to be sick, but being cooped up on the boat, when we’ve been ashore and know how much fun stuff is out there to do just sucks.

Last Thursday, we went for a ride on our newly purchased moped, or “moto” as they are called here. We bought it so that we can get around the island on our own terms, figuring that we’ll be able to sell it when we leave here in November.
Our first excursion took us on a dirt road through some beautiful coastal countryside. We stopped in the shade of a tree along the way, and a family living nearby invited us in to their very modest home where we both surprised each other with our different ways of life. Paulina, her husband, and their adult son Freddie live on the top of a mountain with a million dollar view, but with dirt floors, open hearth wood burning kitchen, no plumbing or running water (sorry we didn’t have the camera with us). We talked for a while about their lives and they in turn were interested to learn about our lives on the boat and were aghast that after one and a half years of marriage we still don’t have any children!
When we left, they gave us a huge bag of limes and another huge bag of mangoes. We’ll definitely go back some other time.

As you can see, Kit Kat is enjoying the still harbor of Luperon.

A softball game in Luperon. We're looking forward to going to the baseball games which ought to be a lot of fun.


Green St Citizen said...

KitKat looks sooo GQ in his pictures, I have now replaced my Johnny Depp background page with KitKats new ones... THANKS

Hope you both are feeling better!


Green St Citizen said...

Oops... shoulda proofread before hitting send, I do know how to spell your name correctly


Anonymous said...

Hej Hans och Kristen!
Idag är det midsommardagen vilket innebär att vi firade midsommarafton igår-som vanligt på Lökholmen. Sill, snaps och nypotatis samt dans kring midsommarstången. Trevligt trots bristen på sol och värme. Inget regn dock å de va ju bra!Kul med mopeden, tråkigt med snuvan. Hoppas att ni mår bättre nu! Hoppas också att vi firar nästa midsommar tillsammans!
Kram Ma och Pa

Sugar Magnolia said...

Hi Kristen and Hans! Congrats on making it to Luperon. Kurt is turning green! We actually crossed to Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, so we're back in the U.S. Hard to believe!

Take care and we'll be following your adventures...ours seem to be winding down right now. Oh---Has Merengue made it there yet? If so, tell Wendy and Jim we say Hello!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen and Hans,

I love you blog...I am still getting updated on all your adventures.
I hope you both feel better.
Take care