12 June 2007

Luperon, Dominican Republic

June 12, 2007

Whisper at anchor in Luperon.

Main street, Luperon.

We’ve been in Luperon for two full days now and so far it looks like we’ll have a great 4 months here. The town is busy with life: tons of motorcycles (motos) zipping back and forth, bachata and merengue music playing from every house, people sitting on their porches avoiding the sun, vendors selling fruit, clothes, meat and everything in between, many small grocery stores (colmados) and numerous restaurants and bars with cold, cold Presidente. The prices are very affordable and we found a good sandwich shop with $2 ham & cheese sandwiches and fifty cent homemade juices.

Elvis, a member of the Dominican Navy, took us to Isabela, the first town established by Christopher Columbus in the “New World.” The site is well preserved with stones outlining the location of houses and buildings and a museum displaying artifacts found on the site. Currently, a team of archeologists is working to excavate parts of the harbour where a ship is believed to have sunk.

the remains of one of Christopher Columbus' men who is believed to have died of malaria.

Isabela, the first town in the New World.


Katie said...

Hans and Kristen! Luke just passed on your blog to me and I'm having a great time reading through your travels. What an amazing journey. Baby Pustejovsky is making his way into the world tomorrow - will send pictures soon. xoxo

Carrie LaVerne said...

How sweet what you guys are doing! I am glad you sent the reminder to check it out. And beautiful photos, of course...

Troy and Deana Jones said...

Hans and Kristen, after you weigh anchor, where do you keep all of your chain? Do you tie it off on deck, drop it below in a chain locker in the v-berth? How much chain do you use and how much line? We are at a Troy and Deana's boat but send your reply to us at:
Thanks, Robert and Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Kristen and Hans, what a wonderful life you are having. I hope that you turn this log into a book someday for all to enjoy! Life in Vermont is good, everyone is well and school is out...let summer begin. Be well and enjoy and keep posting the log, I love it. Lynn and Bob