26 December 2006

Titusville, Florida, Part IV

December 26, 2006

We hope everyone had a wonderful, happy Christmas with family and friends!

We spent Christmas in Titusville, Florida as multiple thunderstorms passed overhead. We spent the 23rd shopping for food and presents and we went to see the Night at the Museum with the gang from “Snow Day.” On the 24th we hunkered down in Whisper and spent the whole day preparing food, eating cookies, drinking glogg, opening presents and eating all the food! It rained on and off throughout the day with a couple big thunderstorms, so we didn’t go off the boat which was fine since we had plenty to do with all the food! The weather worsened throughout the night and neither of us got much sleep as the wind howled outside and it downpoured a few times. Looking at the trimetric (the little electrical panel which tells us how much electricity we’re using or making), at times the gusts were “10 Amp gusts!” So after a bumpy Christmas morning breakfast, we weighed anchor and tied up to a T-dock at the marina. After spending 2 hours cleaning up an ice-box spill (the gravy from the Swedish meatballs, ugh), we relaxed for a couple hours, read, took naps, etc. Everyone from Snow Day came over in the evening to share a Christmas chicken with us, and to help us get through the leftovers from the 24th! We still have some meatballs to make some sandwiches, and plenty of ham! The forecast is for rain today, but we’ll probably push out of Titusville either this morning or early afternoon just to go a couple miles. This is the longest we’ve stayed in one place so it’s definitely time to move and get ready to go to the Bahamas.

Hans looks at the many pepparkakor waiting to go in the oven.

We started a small woodworking project (building a little storage box for kitchen utensils & cookbooks), until the ominous clouds in the background opened up and we had a massive thunderstorm.

Kristen rolling Swedish meatballs as Hans fried them up.

The Swedish Christmas spread. Yum!

Santa/Tomten paid us a visit!

There are approximately 60 manatees living in the harbor at Titusville. These two came over to wish us a merry Christmas as we were hosing off the cockpit with freshwater (they love drinking freshwater!). Kit Kat also wanted to make some new friends.


Angela said...

Kit Kat, Don't worry on days that Mom and Dad are being mean to you (not feeding you etc....) the Manatees and your Angie and Amy still love you

Anonymous said...

Jul och nyår´s hälsningar från ett soligt vår likt Hjo/Skövde. Fam. Wedman & mormor önskar er en fortsatt god båtresa i lugna farvatten.....