26 December 2006

Mailing address

We're on our way to Palm Beach, Florida and we'll be there for a week or so before we head to the Bahamas. We've gotten in touch with the Postmaster there and he'll hold General Delivery mail for us. This is the last (non-complicated, easy) chance for us to get mail, so if there is anything you just are dying to mail us, the address is:

Kristen Miller
c/o General Delivery
Palm Beach, FL
*please hold for pick-up*

Let us know if & when you're going to mail us something so we know what we need to look out for at the PO.


casey said...

I sent a package today to palm beach! Look for it! Love, Casey

Anonymous said...

HI, Sarah and Simon in Exeter Maine send their love. They don't have email at home but I am keeping them posted on your journey. Hope you enjoy sunny weather in Bahamas! Love, Lynn

Helen said...

Letter sent today, just a letter, no exciting enclosures so if you miss it don't cry too many tears.
love, Mom

Angela said...


I have sent you several things so please look for them and enjoy the warm weather.

Love, Ang

Todd said...

Hi Hans & Kristen,

Just wanted to wish both of you a happy New Year!!!

Todd & Kate

PS - Love the blog!