12 December 2006

meow meow, MEOW!

December 12, 2006

By Kit Kat

They finally let me get my mitts on the computer. Listen, it’s not all fun and games. I am very hungry all the time. I know we’re at sea, but we’re not shipwrecked so I don’t understand why my food has to be rationed all the time. Where is my liver pate? Today I simply wanted to go into the marina office and make new friends with the nice dockmaster (who I suspect had some tuna fish behind his desk) but mean Kristen came chasing after me and threw (yes, THREW) me back on the boat. They still haven’t let me go in the dinghy yet. And don’t even talk about the bathroom situation. It stinks. The only saving grace of this whole trip is that I get to sit in the sun every now and then when I can muster enough energy to drag my weary, half-starved body up the companionway steps. Wish me good luck for my next escape attempt.

Here I am, hiding from them. I don't think they'll see me behind the whisker pole.

See, I help. I'm a really good navigator. That should give me at least one can of tuna a day, don't you think? And how about that slender figure? I don't have any idea who that man was talking about when he asked "So, is she pregnant?"

HA! Finally, some food to ease the pain in my stomach. I don't think they saw me eating their spilt eggs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kit Kat
Make a run for freedom while your in Florida,Plenty of sunshine,food and Mickey Mouse,
you are looking well despite being underfed and abused!
Kay,Tammy,Winston and Kirby.

Anonymous said...

Poor Poor KitKat. Would you like Amy to send you a care package with some Starkist and Catnip?

sailingconrads said...

I enjoyed your blog. We sail with dogs so I know what an adventure it can be. We have had near escapes as well. Cheers! Enjoy your trip south. It's 78 degrees here in Orlando today, so you'll be unlayering as you make your way down. Susan