14 December 2006

Fernandina Beach, Florida Part II

December 14, 2006

We're in foggy Fernandina Beach, Florida waiting for some mail. Luckily, the town has a nice library right downtown with 20 internet computers to use. Unfortunately, we can't upload pictures here, so this entry is pictureless.

We went to the beach yesterday. There were a lot of people surfing since the swells are pretty big these days due to a high pressure system off the east coast. After some internet research on SSB antennas, we went back to Whisper and baked lussebullar, saffron-infused sweet yeast rolls, a staple for Lucia Day (Dec. 13) in Sweden. They were delicious, and we ended up eating an avocado, cheese and probably far too many lussebullar for dinner (sorry moms!). Of course, we had them for breakfast this morning and there are still many more left over for a fika this afternoon.

Since we're here for another day, we have a list of projects to start working on, the first being the SSB antenna, then securing the windvane. If time permits, we'll tackle the biggest project: removing the sink to create more storage space. Currently, the sink is far too low to be of much use, and after washing just 2 mugs immediate backache sets in. So we'll pull the sink out, create more useful storage space in that cavity, plumb the saltwater intake to the old sink drain seacock, and use a plastic dishpan for the sink. The only con is that we won't have a permanent sink which will be a hassle for activities like brushing teeth, but we think the pros outweigh the cons. If any Vega owners see anything glaringly wrong with this brainstorm, please let us know before we start the fun job of dismantlement!

We'll post some pictures tomorrow (or perhaps this afternoon if we can find a volunteer for a second dinghy ride back to town!).

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nick foster said...

Hi Kris and Hans - from the UK where it's cold but not cold enough. We're off to go skiing in the Pyrenees on Wednesday but there's no snow - so looks like a walking holiday with the odd thermal bath! You seem to be making good progress - keep enjoying the warm Florida climate!
Nick and Jane.
PS Happy Christmas in case I don't get logged on again.