16 March 2009

Luperon to Georgetown photos

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks including:
Luperon to Samana Cay (250 miles)
Samana Cay, Bahamas
Samana Cay to Georgetown (130 miles)

Street scenes from Luperon.

Laisa's Pica Pollo in Luperon; our favorite creole style lunch place: stewed chicken, pork or beef, rice beans salad, cold water.

laundry hanging to dry in Luperon.

Wildflowers on the outskirts of Luperon with the mountains in the background.

a Dominican tomato.

One of the produce markets in Luperon.

Hans reefs the mainsail at sunset. We've been taking two reefs in the main at sunset every night...it doesn't slow us down too much and ensures that we won't have to do any deckwork at night

See no evil, hear no evil...are we there yet?

Self-portrait at sunrise. Halfway between Mayaguana and Samana Cay.

Fresh produce from the DR meets lobster from Samana Cay to make a fabulous salad.

A wild orchid on Samana Cay (we think!).

We attempted to follow a trail across the island, got hopelessly lost and had to bushwhack (Rod Miller style) back to the beach; our legs got totally scratched and bloody.

One of the many gorgeous white sand beaches of Samana Cay, Bahamas

Whisper at anchor at Samana Cay.

the beach at Samana Cay.

Hans holds up the mahi we hooked just north of Long Island yesterday morning.

Sailing along the north coast of the DR from Samana to Luperon.


Anonymous said...

seriously. This video is hilarious. It makes me very jealous. Good luck on Temple. Take care.

Conchscooter said...

Compared to Mexican coastal villages my wife and I found Luperon to be dreary, which is why I rarely suggest people take my advice on where to cruise. However the pictures of Samana recall the Bahamas, and their trail-less islands perfectly (Aside from a lack of architecture and plazas ashore there is nowhere to walk! Why do we like these islands?!) . I shall miss this blog. Good bye and good luck studying in this crazy economy.

S.V Bristol Rose said...

sorry we missed you. ships in the night. We are currently in Turks and Caicos after sailing past Samana last night. We had our boat at white rocks when you were there and are now on our own adventure. good luck with yours.
Robert & Trish

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

annoying brother said...

That video is awesome! Send it into corona brewing, tell them DR beer commercials are shot while sailing, not watching a sailboat from shore!

Anonymous said...

I love the sailing video. Apparently you have learned nothing from Capt Morgan's experiences about drinking underway. Well, maybe you will luck out and some friendly 30 somethings will rescue you off the reef...

Capt Morgan

Anonymous said...

I can see Luperon is still a shit hole. What's with the weird tomato photo? Why do you take pictures of peoples dirty laundry? Such and artist...

Seriously, the Mahi is awesome. Very jealous, very jealous.


Capt. Joey said...

Glad to see you guy's made it back up to the great North East....

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and the pictures. Your father introduced me to the site. Thanks! Good luck at Temple and law school! (Lynn Webster, MD)