21 November 2008

Back in the BVIs

November 21, 2008.

We left St. Martin yesterday after a very (too) brief stop and are now in the BVIs. Kristen will be helping out our friends Chris and Julie with a charter starting on Tuesday. We'll post a more entertaining update in a few days once we've recovered from all the traveling we've been doing in the past few weeks. It's a hard life, we know, but it does feel like we need a few days to relax!

Sorry, no pics today.


Dirk & Nancy said...

Hey Guys, Dirk and Nancy here from s/v Tybee Time. We have a few more questions, but can't find yur e-mail. Could you please respond to tybeetime88@gmail.com We are cutting the lines in Oct 09. Hope to meet you all on the way down to the islands. You all have been a great inspiration to us. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
SV Liberty here. We're still on the hard in Deltaville, VA, probably splashing Tuesday 11/25, then heading to Norfolk on Friday 11/28 to pick up my brother, and hopefully offshore from Beaufort, NC to the Bahamas or Turks & Caicos.
Nancy said you had emailed, but she's out, and I was catching up on your blog. Can't wait to be sailing those windwards like you've been! Sounds great, but I'm also looking forward to a few months of chilling in the Bahamas.
Gotta love those Mahi-Mahi! And the tuna too - we've got 3800 NM under the keel this trip, and not a single tuna yet!
OK, will write more later. If you run into Imagine (Halberg-Rassy 47 or so with a family of 5 on board, flying a Chicago Cubs penant) say hi for us - they're a good family.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!

Kid sister Sofia said...

Stackar er som få slita så hårt! Hur ska ni klara er! Inget emot allt slöande här i Sverige - vilken tur jag har som slipper allt slit med att segla i karibien!

Massor av kramar från lilla syster yster! Jag och Putte har pengarna nu till resan - kommer maila inom kort för att planera upplägget!