30 August 2008

sharing the road

August 30, 2008

Biking in Stockholm is a fun, fast, green and healthy way to get around town. I'm still waiting for the day that I get rear-ended by a bike messenger frantically trying to speed past me while listening to instructions on his radio, but I never worry about car doors, right-turning cars, or trying to go fast enough to keep up with traffic. Most streets in the city have bike lanes with dedicated traffic lights for bikes and there is a comprehensive network of bike paths spreading out from the city center to the suburbs.

The bike path outside of the city with clearly marked signs all along the way. The road is on the left and the bike path on the right.

Hans bikes across a bridge to Gamla Stan in the center of Stockholm.

Biking in Stockholm near T-Centralen, the main train station.

A bike parking lot in Uppsala.

Rush hour on Friday afternoon in Stockholm.


Conchscooter said...

I suppose one should be uplifted by the sight of flocks of industrious Swedes reducing their carbon footprint and cycling en masse. Instead I find something vaguely unsettling when bicycles are shunted into separate traffic patterns with their own traffic lights and turn lanes. Muzzling the delights of the bicycle. I think I need my head examined but I can't escape the claustrophobia.

mame said...

Probably if more American's were biking we would not have the obesity issues this country has and maybe my ass would be a bit smaller :)