04 July 2008

Happy fourth of July!

July 4, 2008

We've been having a fantastic time at stugan, the summer cottage, in northern Sweden. Hans' whole family has been here this past week: mom, dad, sisters (Sofia and ├ůsa with their boyfriends Patrik and Henrik), both grandmothers, uncle Lars, and, of course, the new twins Max and Ida.

Proud new grandmother Karin holds Max while new Aunt Sofia happily holds Ida.

Ida and Max hanging out.

Kristen and Ida.

The sun was shining hot and bright this morning so Kristen decided to go for a swim. She tests the water....

And she's in! It's definitely a little colder than the Caribbean sea...15 degrees instead of 30! One can say: refreshing!


Barbii* said...

Hi ! :) Very cute babies.. :) And i like your blog..it´s interesting :)

Greetings from Slovenia !

AKD said...

Hey guys! I miss you and it was fun to catch up a bit on the blog. So KitKat is on another boat? It is great to see wind turbines in the back of all those Sweden-never-gets-dark pictures. Seth just changed jobs and now is designing circuit boards for wind turbines at a cool small company that's just down the road from our house. For my graduate research/thesis, I'm researching how artisans find and use plants and mushrooms for basketmaking and natural dyes. I'm interviewing people and going on walks with them and it's been awesome so far. But the Scandinavians are way more into mushrooms than anyone here. Also having a big garden again this year and too many weddings, luckily there's only one left. None of them have been half as fun as yours or ours...but what can you expect?:) The remaining one is Seth's sister's, and I get to wear an ankle length purple dress and get my hair done and ride in a limo...! Like the prom on steroids. Anyway I hope you enjoy the summer and seeing Hans' family. It was cool to see Kristen's parents on the boat too!

Love from Allaire

Conchscooter said...

I thought the maiden on the rock was in Copenhagen? Those Scandinavians are just confusing.Maybe there's more than one rock?