16 April 2008

31 = 2 parties for the birthday boy!

April 16, 2008

Hans is now a certified member of the 30-something crowd after celebrating his 31st birthday yesterday. He is indeed older, but the wiser component of age is still up for debate!

On Monday we had a fantastic duck dinner on Phoenix III. Gilles has been promising everyone a duck meal and it was well worth the wait and exceeded all expectations. Duck three ways with egg noodles in a cream/garlic/basil sauce; olives; salad; camembert (le rustique!); and, of course, birthday cake! It's always fun to hang out with good friends, lucky Hans got to have a fun birthday party. Thanks Jim & Wendy for the pictures.

Jim and Ivan cozy up during dinner.

Telling jokes: Carmelle, Manon and Hans.

Carmelle, Kristen and Manon before dinner.

Wendy, Kristen and Marie France.

Aaaagggh! The flames get higher every year! Thanks for the yummy cake Carmelle.

Hans laboriously removes all the candles from his cake.

The two cooks in the galley.

Kristen, Marie France and Gilles relaxing after the feast.

Last night the boatyard threw a joint birthday bash for three friends striving for membership as senior citizens - it was a non-stop party: lots of beer, wine, and food. Wow! What a spread of all types of food. The Swedes outnumbered the other nationalities and Kristen was one of only a few Americans. We have no pictures from that fiesta - perhaps a good thing!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Hans....
ahhh to be 31 again!

Anonymous said...

Allt väl på hemmafronten. Ännu en lördag med jobb i Enköping, kul och nödvändigt. Huset är snart klart och Åsas mage likaså(jättestor).Inflyttning om ett par veckor så det blir i god tid före bebisarna kommer(hoppas vi) I övrigt är allt bra!
Kram Ma och Pa

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Hans! Still love reading your and Kristens blog, and of course all the beautiful pictures! ;)
Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Please stop posting and delete your entire blog! It is a cruel reminder of the itinerant life some of us reformed desk jockeys yearn for. At the very least, post more pictures of naked old men--that'll scare me into land life for good.

Howdy, Kristen & Hans, I've been following your blog irregularly since ditching rudderless "EVE" in G-town and am glad to see your adventure continues (a little envy there too, yeah). Thought I'd check in and say hello.

In the bad news department: you're screwed for desk jobs. I currently have the coolest job a database programmer could want (if there is such a thing), and I'd still rather be threatening my Atomic 4 with a wrench in some sweaty anchorage for the 100th time. Props for your budgeting and living the dream. I hope to get back out there for the long haul before I'm disqualified from "under36undersail".

Happy birthday Hans, and please send regards & happy b-day to Gilles & Marie Franz. I missed the famous duck when I got sick from inhaling too much Elizabeth Harbor dirty water and then disappeared on a flight home. And if Phoenix "trois" is still in touch with Escape Pod from No-Name Harbor, maybe they can pass along a Fair Winds to them, too.
Can't wait for the posts from Sweden.