13 March 2008

the Fulmers take over Antigua

March 13, 2008

We've spent the past week hanging out with friends Ellie & Chris Fulmer who came to visit from Pennsylvania. We almost circumnavigated Antigua, starting at Jolly Harbour on the west coast and ending at Dickenson Bay about 5 miles north of Jolly Harbour. The week was filled with sailing, swimming, lobster hunting and eating, the best calzone Hans has had west of the Greenwich meridian, and a few cold beers at beach bars.

Hans grilling up our first meal on the new BBQ. Thanks Hiroshi!

Chris and Hans at the helm.

Maybe this is our next sailing yacht...

United Colors of Benneton on Whisper.


snorkeling and beer: a perfect combination.

Ellie gets the wahoo ready for the grill

Chris has to settle for Spam.

Lobster dinner anyone?

Chris and Ellie taking in the sunset off Green Island on the east coast of Antigua.

Antigua is for lovers.


Ellie said...

Hey Hans & Kristen, we had a WONderful time! Thank you so much for your terrific meals, rum drinks, and sailing adventures. You two are amazing....we're so lucky so have such great friends. Hope to meet up with you again soon....perhaps Belize?
Ellie & Chris


Nice boat, nice life and nice Lobster !!!

Shane said...

Looks like you all are having an amazing time. Beth and I were really hoping to come and visit with my sister Ellie but our spring break ended up being a different week. Maybe we will be able to meet up another time. I would love to come visit and have you all meet my wife, Beth. Keep living the life, we'll keep reading about it!
Shane and Beth