07 February 2008

where to next, navigator?

February 7, 2008

Hey SnowDay! check out who we saw in St. Thomas yesterday!!

We're getting ready to weigh anchor from St. Thomas after getting a substantial amount of work done on the boat. Hopefully we're done with boat maintenance for at least a month. Also, the camera shop "Royal Caribbean" was very friendly and exchanged our camera even though their policy states otherwise. Thanks!

This morning Kit Kat helped us plan our sailing plans for the next month.

What exhausting work...she catches her zzzzs after expending all that brain power.

The view from Yacht Haven Grande marina on a particularly busy cruise ship day in St. Thomas Harbor. We are anchored right next door - we can hear the PA announcements on the cruise ships.


Amy said...

I am sure KitKat will make a good choice in the next stop on your great adventure. She should be rewarded with say hmmm a pouch of Salmon?

snowdaycrew said...

Hey guys!!
The Disney Magic!! Cool! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Åsa behöver telefonnumret till Kristens föräldrar. Maila oss eller Åsa.
Häftiga bilder på kryssningstrafiken!
Kram Ma och Pa