22 August 2007

cold beers all around

August 22, 2007

After two weeks of hard work the fridge is finally finished! It turned out really well and we had a party on Whisper with the crews from "Merengue," "Half Moon," and "Jacumba" to celebrate our success with cold beers, Champagne and cheese. Below are some photos from the past two weeks.

No project is complete until you've spent at least half an hour upside down in the cockpit lockers.

Kristen pulls out the old box and countertop.

Kristen inspects the old insulation.

One inch of styrofoam insulation may be good enough for Swedish summers, but not in the Caribbean. The new box has at least 3-4 inches of two-part polyurethane foam all around, which we hope should provide ample insulation.

Hans epoxies the outside frame of the new box. Funny how almost all boat projects end up as an epoxy workshop.

Dry fitting the new box.

The stainless steel liner suspended inside the box before the foam insulation was poured.

Sanding the lid.

Oooops.... foam out of control

Hans painting the top of the box.

Kristen is all smiles these days

Is it going to fit???

The insulated box without lid in its proper place. You can see the compressor just forward of the box.

Whisper's electrical panel received an update.

The finished fridge with the new countertop


Anonymous said...

nice spelling lol

rod miller said...

CONGRADULATIONS Hey Hans and Kristen You have done a wonderful job with your fridge and counter top , top class work well done. love Dad

Voila said...

Well done. you have done a great job! I know how much work it was and yours was tougher because you had to live in the mess. I am sure you will enjoy having somewhere to put leftovers :~)

snowdaycrew said...

Hey guys,
Good job, it looks great!! The kids enjoyed watching your video and seeing themselves in a few shots! We miss you lots!