16 April 2007

Staniel Cay, Exumas

April 16, 2007

Although the Log of Whisper currently has no pictures uploaded to document the occassion, Hans turned the big 3-0 yesterday. Despite a strong cold front that blew through the Bahamas yesterday evening and overnight, we had a great day. Hans opened many presents while eating a bacon and egg breakfast; we spent time at the pool; ate some cake and ice cream with coffee; and had a great dinner of grilled mahi-mahi at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. The front passed through the area around midnight (the same weather system that created snow in Vermont), it was bumpy and rolly on Whisper but everything was fine.

Tomorrow morning we're setting sail toward Georgetown where Kristen and Hans can renew their visas and the Family Island Regatta takes place over the weekend.

Stay tuned for pictures!


Sofia "lillasystern" Ericsson said...

Hi everyone!
Tried to call you back yesterday on mom and dad´s phone but no answer. I was out on the boat working, of course I did´t hear the phone. So "battre sent an aldrig": GRATTIS BRORSAN! Du är 30 bast! Hjalp vad gammal du ar!*s*

Patrik and I are sitting down enjoying a episode of The Simpsons, Rufus is purring- as he got a nibble of our crayfishsoup- smaskens!

I`ll hope that you, Kristen and our parents are having a great time. This weekend we had a heat record: 24 degrees celcius, in April! That´s crasy, but I´m not complaining. Nice "working with the boat"- weather.

Hugs and kisses, and a big "happy birtday"- hug from Littesister, the big Swede (Patrik (my words, not his *s*)) and Rufus.

Anonymous said...

Hans, happy birthday! now that you are over 30 will you be changing the URL on your BLOG?

Robert (over 30 and some)

Paul Werbin said...

Glad to finally get to look at the blog. Thanks for sharing part of your journey with me. I enjoyed meeting all of you and having Roger as a copilot for one of my legs.