21 March 2007

Springfield VT in the Bahamas!

March 21, 2007

Talk about a small world. Yesterday I met two guys on vacation here in Hope Town that grew up in Springfield and N. Springfield, VT, my hometown! Dick Merrick grew up in N. Springfield and Phil Jasinski grew up on Wall Street, just across town from me. Of course, they graduated in '61 and I graduated just a few years later, in '97. We had a great time talking about the town and how it has changed over the years. Their graduation class had 250 kids, while mine was around 100.

I still can't get over that I bumped into fellow Springfielders--my dad would be proud!



Alan & Felicty said...

I went by Springfield VT on the weekend. Beautifull area. I had never been on 91 through Vermont.

Alan & Felicity

Suzanne said...

Now if you meet someone from Branchport, NY THAT would be something!

You guys look gorgeous. and to think... I thought you couldn't possibly be any hotter when you sailed away :)

I miss you guys. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to swing up and see you after the greaseball challenge. You can go to the website now: www.greaseballchallenge.org. I'll be posting a blog along with a Belgian colleague from WWF on: www.bioenergywiki.net. (the blog is still under construction, hopefully today we'll have it fully up and going)

I just committed to buying a 1981 VW rabbit pick up with a cap. it's a 5 speed manuel trannie with 240,000 miles on it. Just barely broken in. That's the beauty that's going to carry me 4,500 miles through deserts and over mountain ranges. I'm buying it from a friend of a friend's brother who converted it to run on grease. He's already driven it 20,000 miles on grease!!

ok, mis amores. un abrazo gigante.
love love love,

Amy said...

Hey Kristen, How cool is that. I am so happy that you keep everyone up to date on your goings on! I am sure Angie will make sure dad knows about your new Springfield "friends" Rub Kitkat's belly for me!

Anonymous said...

Hej !
Idag har vi haft städdag på golfbanan-det är vår! Bilderna ser fantastiska ut, vi har längtat länge nu men snart kommer vi
Kram Ma

Allaire said...

Hey Kris and Hans!

Those guys definitely have Springfield names too...weren't there some Merricks and Jasinskis in high school with us? Kris, I went down to see my mom this weekend, drove up Cliff Street, and glanced over at your old house...this would be a good time of year to build some dams or bridges or forts in the brook that goes by it!

Seth and I are tapping 2 trees on our property, collecting sap in old plastic milk jugs...

Hey, I also got into graduate school, the Field Naturalist program at UVM! Next fall I'll be outside all the time learning every type of plant, rock, soil, etc. It is going to be great!

Thanks for all the pictures and stories! Enjoy yourselves...

Love, Allaire