29 March 2007

Kit Kat's favorite game

Kit Kat's favorite game is "attack the bilge pump." She loves it when there is water in the bilge and she is continually trying to attack the water!

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Sofia Ericsson said...

Looks like KitKat is having a great time, usualy when I see her "doing" something in your photos it always seems like she´s lying down. *s* I´m sitting out in the livingroom at our parents i Kalmar. The time is 22.30 and everyones gone to bed... booring! What you must stand as a kid sister. Henrik and bigsister came down from Enkoping yesterday, they are in a real good mood. Their new house is going to be built in 6 weeks (the first part anyway... such minor things as walls and roof, nothing big!) Patrik is back in Uppsala, he didn´t get a leave from work. Pitty for him (and for you guys) that you don´t get to enjoy mother´s nice easter dinner. Were having "pickeld lax" (gravad?!?) and many different sorts of herring (as the custom in Sweden *s*)and lots of more.

Me and Patrik are starting to put our Maxi 77 to order for the summer. She´s been standing on land the hole winter and can´t wait for the water. Vaga is her name, with a ring over the first a (as our sister). For you who can´t read swedish the name has two meanings: it means both a wave and to dare... nice!! *s*. Anyway it is having tierods assembled, new paint, we need to get new panes, seawater through a tap so we can wash dishes, finaly we are getting a new sail and a coolingbox. It runs on both 230V, 12V and LPG (gasol)and can be charged. I tougth maybe it is the kind you could use in Whisper. Here Hans is the webpage. It´s a Swedish one but maybe you could find something simmilar in the carrabien. Any way the adress is:


Or just www.kamafritid.se see the link "kylboxar". Look at productnumber G05-39.

Rufus (our little (enormous)homeless cat that we took in) sends a message to KitKat (so leave the computer to her now!):

Hi KitKat, I see your problem. It must be something in the Ericsson family gene to starve their cats. I´ve repetedly waked my owners with eather or both (preferably) huge jumps on their stomaches or/and loud protests. I don´t stop untill they jump out of the bed and give me food. Thats the tactic! And when they are eating one of their yummy meals (unfair!) you could look very thin (suck your stomach in...) and look sad (think of fishes that swims away). Sometimes it melts their hart and I can get a shrimp or two... Hehe! If the don´t give me anything I prostest by looking angry at them. Usually Sofia then rubs my tummy and I`m loosing my angrymode. It´s hard to focus on being mad when someone rubs your tummy in such a pleasant way. So my advice, stay away from tummyrubbing! Otherwise keep up the good job doing as little as you can, I know I will! RRrrrrgards Rufus *Back to Sofia*

Just wanted to leave a message, now that I had time, and send many hugs and kisses to you. Miss you both and looking forward to a visit at Whisper any time soon.

Love "littlesister" Sofia
(PS: Tack för gratulationerna, har inte sett det forran nu! *s*)