15 January 2007

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer (sil-vur sur-fur), noun. Gray-haired, slightly immobile individual, male or female, of the species homo-sapiens, engaged in the practice of operating small inflatable watercraft while in the upright position, utilizing the left hand for bracing and the right hand for operation of the craft. (see illustration below, Plate 3.7)

First observed in their natural habitat in Vero Beach, Florida, Silver Surfers have been reported along the eastern seaboard of the United States, extending into the Bahamas and the West Indies. It is suspected this practice evolved from the sub-species’ desire to remain dry whilst powering their vessels over bodies of water at low speeds. Scientists suspect that the life-span of this sub-species will be short since the behaviour itself will eventually result in capsizings and drownings.

Plate 3.7 Silver Surfer, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, sighted 15 January 2007 (note the distinctive gray markings near the head which gives the sub-species its name).

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