15 December 2006

Foggy Fernandina Beach, Florida

December 15, 2006

After a 2 mile trek to Radio Shack and everyone’s favorite store, Walmart, yesterday, we had the supplies we needed to enhance our SSB antenna. The SSB radio will be essential for us to receive weather reports, however we need to devise a larger, more powerful antenna. Hans has been doing his research and came up with a solution, but it’s pretty hard to test it out when we’ve been socked in with very dense fog for the past 2 days (today is day 3 of heavy fog). It’s really odd to be at anchor in such dense fog. We can barely see the anchor lights of other boats and at times it feels like we’re suspended in the clouds. The water is very still and there hasn’t been much wind. Winter in Florida I suppose!

Foggy walk on the beach

There were lots of sea shells scattered about

Merry Christmas/God Jul from Whisper

Lussebullar in progress

Our view for the past 3 days


Annoying brother... said...

Love the lights!
Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hej igen,måste vi säga för vårt meddelande har inte kommit fram igen. Konstigt.

Kul att se att Kitkat har det bra och gillar Holmsunds skärgård men kaanske det beror på den goda maten.
Här är sommarväder!, så det enda som påminner om jul är korven som vi gjort idag och knäcken, sillen, gravlaxen, tunnbrödet, skinkan med blötan - ha nu längtar ni väl hem ändå.

Kramar Ma o Pa

Pamlicotraveler said...

I am enjoying reading your blog...it sounds like a great trip and the decriptive writing is very good. The only thing I can't relate to is the cat. Why anyone would want a catin a small space like a sailboat is beyond me.

Have fun guys! Keep the blog and pictures coming!