30 October 2006

Under the Bay Bridge

October 30, 2006

We left Dividing Creek at around 2pm, and headed out the Magothy River on a fast close-hauled beat. Once out on the Bay, though, the winds died down and we had to put the iron genny "Boris"-our 13.5hp Beta Marine diesel engine-into gear.

Notes from the Log of Whisper:

14.30 Sailing at 5 knots, 70 degrees, sunny

15.30 Saw ship "Elektra" with homeport Stockholm pass us by to port. We waved the Swedish flag to greet them.

16.15 Passed under Bay Bridge

17.15 Howard and Mia waved to us from entrance to Back Creek in Annapolis.

17.30 Anchor down. Kristen picked up Howard and Mia for a quick tour of the boat, and then we headed to Davis's Pub for crabcakes and drinks.

Heading south!

We saw these US Navy sailboats racing in Annapolis, where the US Naval Academy is located

Howard and Mia joined us on Whisper

Slight storage problem, remeniscent of both co-captains respective teenage bedrooms

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